Friday, September 10, 2004

Lookit These Yahoo!s
Two from the web-wire:
Kerry Tells Bush to 'Get Real' on Assault Weapons

This is a fairly good piece and I find it encouraging that Kerry is willing to take the fight to Bush on a question that will not play well with swing voters. But I guess Nedra Pickler isn't the only wire-service reporter prone to a little editorializing:

Kerry, a New England blueblood who served 20 years in the Senate after two decorated tours in the Vietnam War, has tried to appeal to the more conservative voters in important battleground states by presenting himself as a lifelong outdoorsman.

Pardon my "Che-neyse," but what the fuck does this woman think Bush is? The guy is related to the Queen of England, whose blood, I understand, is as blue as Redd Foxx's old standup act.

Here's the other story: Edwards Criticizes Cheney on Issues

"Dick Cheney said at the Republican convention with a straight face that they've made health care more affordable and more accessible for the American people," Edwards said during his first trip to New Hampshire since the Jan. 27 primary. "I don't know what America or American people he's talking about, but it hasn't happened in New Hampshire where health insurance premiums are up more than $4,000."

Edwards pointed to a new report that said employer-sponsored family health care premiums grew 11.2 percent for the year ending last spring.

"Your paycheck's going down and your health insurance premiums are going up" he said. Edwards, who is trying to help Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites) win the presidency, said of President Bush (news - web sites), "Why in the world would you rehire this guy to be your president? They don't have any kind of plan that's going to solve this health care problem."

That's Edwards doing what he does best. It's becoming clear to me that the Democrats have to fight Bush to a draw on the foreign policy/security stuff--which they can do just by trumpeting the myriad failures of administration policy here--and then just hammer the pocketbook issues.

And push turnout. Lots and lots of Democratic turnout. The election is still a jump ball.

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