Friday, January 14, 2005

Mindless Pleasures
Not much posting here, perhaps because there's not much post-worthy stuff going on, far as I can tell. If you want to read good insights and find useful information about the coming political war over Social Security, Josh Marshall is your man; if football is your game and you want to read something really brilliant about this weekend's Vikings-Eagles tilt, check out this guy.

But I do have to recommend one incredible diversion, perfect for your sunless January: Guess the sitcom star/dictator. Thus far I've stumped it with some fictional dictators (Big Brother, Ming the Merciless) and some very obscure Simpsons characters (Lindsay Nagle). But damn, this thing is fun.

Another--though I'm not even sure this counts as mindless--is the series premiere of SciFi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica," tonight. We watched the December 2003 miniseries on Wednesday and were very impressed. Here's a review. Finally, something to fill the void left when SpikeTV canceled "Friday Night Bonus Treks"!

Yeah, I'm a big geek. But I'm engaged now, I don't really even have to impress myself anymore...


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