Saturday, January 06, 2007

Minor Housekeeping
Just wanted to commend a couple new links on the blogroll here: the top politics/policy link is now Democracy: A Journal of Ideas. This site, launched last summer by some wonky liberals, didn't really interest me at first but seems to have hit its stride in a big way. The current issue (I think it's a quarterly) has an excellent piece about the (somewhat silly) urban policy debate between advocates for investment in "the creative class" and the jobs-and-services crowd; a strong critique of the "corporate social responsibility" model that capitalist-sympathizing progressives (like, um, me) have long seized upon as a best-of-both-worlds solution; and this article on the dangers of advocacy-oriented history.

Also new on the left side is, a Phillies community site where I'm a moderator. Thus far, it's been blessedly free of political arguments; as I can do that here or at any number of other places online, I've come to the conclusion that baseball, basically a joyous subject (even with the heavy dose of masochism that comes with Philadelphia phandom), should stay as free as feasible from the cares and clashes of the serious world.

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