Friday, May 02, 2008

In Which I Answer a Questionnaire
Responding to queries posed by the proprietor of the Phuture Phillies blog (a brilliant guy in his mid-20s who badly needs a girlfriend; me, or fairly close anyway, minus ten years plus some measure of cranial candlepower), I share some thoughts on the sincerity and likely disposition of Britney Spears' rehabilitation efforts, which Roman emperor George W. Bush most resembles, when "The Simpsons" jumped the shark, and more.

This also actually helped me figure out, and I think get past, why turning 35 this week fucked me up as much as it did. Though that took a couple days and I'm still not sure it's totally internalized.


Chris said...

simpsons did it!

The Navigator said...

This was absolutely great. Among many comments I could make, I'll just leave two for now:
1. You're like Walter Sobchek during the week? Well, I guess I only see you on weekends so I can't dispute that. Do you mean that you don't fuckin' roll on major Jewish holidays? Me, I'm the Dude full time - I abide.

2. I've read about some encounters with Lou Reed where he seems like a really petulant asshole. I'd be concerned that if he decided you weren't cool or you didn't 'get' him, you weren't worth talking to. Byrne I would expect to be irritating, but an equal opportunity offender towards one and all, and at least willing to talk to anyone.

The Navigator said...

Also, as your informal legal counsel, I say feel free to say whatever you want about Montgomery so long as your statement is not sworn, notarized, or made to legal authorities.

David said...

Donny, you're out of your element.