Friday, July 11, 2008

The National's Anthem
I thought this was kind of cool: my wife's favorite band, local (sort of) Brooklyn boys The National, have designed a t-shirt in support of Barack Obama. All proceeds will go to the campaign.

"Mr. November" is one of their better-known songs. I initially thought it was about Derek Jeter in the 2001 World Series, then maybe about high-school football, and finally, probably some experience unique to the writer. A lyrical sample:

I wish that I believed in fate
I wish I didn't sleep so late
I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders

I'm the new blue blood, I'm the great white hope
I'm the new blue blood

Given some of the recent concerns about Obama's commitment to progressive principles (albeit perhaps overblown), the chorus seems particularly timely:

I won't fuck us over, I'm Mr. November
I'm Mr. November, I won't fuck us over

Here's hopin'.

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Dom said...

The Song Mr. November always makes Dominic think of high school football games. Whenever the football team would lose, the marching band - in which Dom played the clarinet - would still play the triumphant theme to the movie Rocky. While we played, justifiably, the whole football team would give us the finger. And Dom's heart would sink. We knew full well those birds were deserved.