Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nothing really to add to what I wrote here. But you really can't type those words enough.

This is one time it's a bit of a bummer to be a displaced fan. There's honking outside here in Brooklyn, but it's in aggravation, not celebration. I had phone calls with my uncle and brother, drank one celebratory beer, and now have to try and get to bed in advance of a full-and-then-some day of meetings and presentations tomorrow.

But the smile hasn't left my face since 11:37, when Carlos Ruiz squeezed the popup to end it.

We're going to the World Series.

Hard to believe, Harry.


The Navigator said...


OMG! OMG! OMG! The Phillies are going to the World Series!

Somehow, even when they finished with the second-best record in the N.L., it just didn't seem plausible - such a flawed team, how could they possibly be one of two teams to play for a title? Yet here they are.

Damn it feels good.

Brian said...

Yeah baby!

You and I are old enough to remember the last WS win- here's hoping that we see this town explode with glee just like it did 18 years ago.

The Navigator said...

Well, technically, things sucked 18 years ago. You probably meant 28 years ago, which I understand was quite the year in Philly.

Brian said...

my bad- typo

David said...

Brian, you probably remember it with slightly more clarity than I do--I think you're 3-4 years older than me.

What I mostly recall about the aftermath was having the elementary school cafeteria serve Phillies Franks the next day. They were damn good.

This is, too.

Brian said...

I was 10 when they won it all, it hooked me on the team and Ive been suffering since. Ironic that my son is 10 now and if they win, he might be the next victim....

Dominic said...

Phantastic! Now Dom just needs Mike Napoli to join the team and have some soup.

Mmmmm....feels like home.