Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Almost Famous
I wrote this, in response to a recent New York Times article that, while I think factually accurate, could lead the lay reader to some incorrect conclusions about job training. It's not my byline because evidently there's a bit of a process to get approved as a Huffington Post blogger; maybe if I had a Facebook account and Arianna Herself could "friend" me, that would help.

(The slight irony here? I indirectly know Arianna Huffington, or rather my mom does. When she arranged the "Shadow Conventions" in 2000, my mom was her assistant for the one in Philadelphia. Maybe I should have worked this angle so it would be my ugly mug up there on the site.)

The more important point, largely lost (more understandably than usual, I grant) in the political firestorm over the fate of health care reform, is that the administration did something really terrific last week in announcing the American Graduation Initiative to help an additional five million citizens graduate from community college by 2020. This will strengthen innumerable communities by helping position those Americans to fill the middle-skill jobs, with employers of all sizes in occupations from dental hygienist to plumber to cable installer, that make our economy function.

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