Monday, November 08, 2004

Interview with a Form Letter
I got an e-mail this morning from "Terry McAuliffe" (the quotes are meant to represent that, of course, someone else wrote this thing, and it was sent to presumably millions of people, not just me). It included a link to a form in which users could provide feedback about the just-concluded election. In the interests of encouraging folks to take the party up on this kind offer, I here submit my own responses. The form is available online here.

1. How did you participate in this election?

Gave money. Gave time. Gave hope.

2. Is this the first time you participated in election activism?


3. How would you like to continue to stay involved? (Volunteering, phonebanking, fundraising, local organizing, etc.)

Don't know yet. I don't think I'm interested in your failed party, though.

4. Did you feel the actions you took were effective?

No. We lost.

5. Was it a good experience for you?

Yes. The value of what's fought for isn't determined by the success of the fight.

6. How would you make it better?

How much time do you have? The first thing I would do is fire Terry McAuliffe. He's got all the charm and integrity of WWE empressario Vince McMahon; unfortunately, he lacks McMahon's charisma, imagination, and will. He embodies everything that's wrong with the Democrats.

7. Please share other thoughts and comments you have about the 2004 election and what Democrats and the Democratic Party should do going forward.

Read Thomas Frank. We must re-establish ourselves as the party of economic justice--and show how the values that underlie this vision are more consistent with the foundational moral principles of western civilization than the Republican "morality" which embraces crony capitalism, lying as a common practice of statecraft, and the "tactics" of Abu Ghraib.

This does NOT mean giving ground on gay rights or other social justice issues--but it does mean making the case for these priorities in a forthright, unapologetic way.

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