Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton... ClintonBush?
The beat goes on for Hillary Clinton, solidifying her frontrunner status in her race for Kinder, Gentler Empress. Two items from Political Wire today remind us that for all her posturing as a "change" candidate, she's easily the Democrat closest in both worldview and style to the members of that Other Great Family now holding the White House in our pathetic little War of the Roses knockoff.

The first is that Bush is communicating with the Clinton campaign, as well as other Democratic campaigns, to urge them to keep their options open regarding his Kickin' Ass War in Iraq. The second is that the campaign got a story that GQ had ready to run on infighting in Hillaryland spiked by threatening to block the magazine's access to Bill Clinton, who was the subject of a cover story. That's the sort of bullying of the media that we're used to seeing from the bunch in office now.

I don't think any of this is very surprising. From fundraising tactics to flag-burning, Hillary Clinton is by far far far the Democratic candidate most ideologically and temperamentally compatible with the sociopaths and idiots on the right who have gotten us into this mess. She’s perfectly comfortable with the Executive Branch SuperDuperPowers that Bush and His Loyal Bushies have amassed; hence her support of the atrocious Patriot Act and non-opposition, or at least sotto voce opposition, to the Military Commissions Act and the effective repeal of the Fourth Amendment.

Similarly, she’s fine with the premises that underscored our Iraq Adventure–that we can do what we want in the world by virtue of overwhelming force, and that there’s no moral qualm about waging wars to secure resources.

I wish the press would ask her a bit more directly about her views on all these things. But I won’t hold my breath, so long as there are stories to be told about cleavage and such.

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